The programme accommodates 9 plenary lectures (50 min) in three blocks, accompanied by the lectures in sessions. There are never be more than three parallel sessions.

The full programme booklet, updated during the meeting.


Plenary section
Invited talks
Monday 9:00-12:30 Room: L1
  • Eugene V. Ferapontov (9:00–9:50)
    On the integrability in Grassmann geometries: integrable systems associated with fourfolds in Gr(3,5)
  • Laurent Manivel (10:30–11:20)
    Hyperkähler varieties as parameter spaces
  • Katrin Wendland (11:30–12:20)
    Can singularities govern conformal field theory?
Section A
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Monday 14:00–18:00 Room: L1
  • Ivan Minchev (14:00–14:30)
    The qc Yamabe equation on a 3-Sasakian manifold
  • Igor Ernst, Dmitry Oskorbin, Eugene Rodionov (14:30–15:00)
    Ricci solitons on some low-dimensional (pseudo)Riemannian manifolds
  • Peter Gilkey (16:00–16:40)
    Homogeneous affine surfaces - affine Killing vector fields, Gradient Ricci solitons, and moduli spaces
  • Jong Taek Cho (16:45–17:15)
    Gap theorem of 4-dimensional compact Ricci solitons
  • Homare Tadano (17:20–17:50)
    Some Myers type theorems and Hitchin-Thorpe inequalities for shrinking Ricci solitons
Section B
Geometric Structures and Representation Theory
Monday 14:00–18:00 Room: L2
  • Rod Gover (14:00–14:40)
    Higher dimensional analogues of the Willmore energy and invariant
  • Boris Kruglikov (14:50–15:30)
    Jet-determination of symmetries in parabolic geometry
  • Andreas Čap (16:00–16:30)
    C-projective compactness
  • Vladimir Souček (16:40-17:20)
    The BGG complexes for Grassmannians in singular infinitesimal character
  • Simon G. Gindikin (17:30-18:00)
    Complex geometry of real symmetric spaces
Section C
Geometry and Physics
Monday 14:00–18:10 Room: L3
  • Geoff Prince (14:00–14:40)
    A new, exterior and intrinsic form of the structure equations and Bianch identities
  • Willy Sarlet (14:45–15:25)
    On embedding the intersections of two families of surfaces in 3 into the set of integral curves of a Lagrangian system
  • Wlodzimierz Marek Tulczyjew (15:50–16:30)
    Equilibrium configurations and higher order differential geometry.
  • Marcella Palese (16:35–17:05)
    Classical Higgs fields on gauge gluon bundles
  • Marco Modugno (17:10–17:40)
    On the quantum potential in Covariant Quantum Mechanics
  • Josef Janyška (17:40–18:10)
    Covariant quantum dynamics
Section A
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Tuesday 9:00–12:30 Room: L1
  • Makoto Kimura (9:00–9:30)
    Twistor space of complex 2-plane Grassmannian and submanifolds in complex projective space
  • Víctor Sanmartín López (9:30–10:00)
    Anti-De Sitter space and complex hyperbolic space: their isoparametric hypersurfaces
  • Sadahiro Maeda (10:30–11:10)
    A characterization of homogeneous real hypersurfaces of types (C), (D) and (E) in a complex projective space
  • Young Jin Suh (11:15–11:45)
    Recent progress on real hypersurfaces in the complex quadric
  • Antonio Martinez (11:50–12:20)
    A Geometric bridge between 3 and 3
  • Sergey Stepanov (joint with Josef Mikes) (12:25–12:55)
    New applications of the global divergence theorems & On the global geometry of projective submersions

Section D
Finsler Geometry
Tuesday 9:00–12:30 Room: L2
  • Behroz Bidabad (9:00–9:30)
    Evolution of Ricci scalar under Finsler Ricci flow
  • Lili Zhao (9:30–10:00)
    Constructions of Einstein Finsler Metrics
[ the camera failed - recording not available ]
  • Xinyue Cheng (10:30–11:10)
    Einstein Finsler Metrics and Killing Vector Fields on Riemannian Manifolds
  • Morteza Mirmohamad Rezae (11:15–11:45)
    Harmonic vector fields and harmonic 1-forms in Finsler geometry
  • Salah Gomaa Ahmed Ali Elgendi (11:50–12:20)
    A note on: Sur le noyau de l’opérateur de courbure d’une variété finslérienne, C. R. Acad. Sci. Paris, ser. A, t. 272 (1971), 807-81
[ the camera failed - recording not available ]

Section F
The Geometry of Matrix Multiplication
Tuesday 9:00–12:30 Room: L3
  • Fulvio Gesmundo (9:00–9:50)
    The Geometry of Iterated Matrix Multiplication
  • Christian Ikenmeyer (10:30–11:20)
    Matrix Multiplication Algorithms with symmetry
  • Mateusz Michalek (11:30–12:20)
    Local algebraic geometry and computational complexity

Poster Session
Sections B and C
Tuesday 14:00–15:00 Room: Poster

Ozgur Acik, Extremal motions of p-branes induced by Killing spinors
Adara-Monica Blaga, On Ricci solitons in different geometries
Felipe Contatto, First integrals of affine connections and Hamiltonian
systems of hydrodynamic type
Ümit Ertem, Extended superalgebras from twistor and Killing spinors
Matthias Fischmann, Conformal symmetry breaking differential operators on
differential forms
Jordi Gaset, A multisymplectic formalism for the Einsteins equations of gravity
Jan Gregorovič, Generalizations of symmetric space in theory of parabolic geometries
Jaroslav Hrdina, Extremals of sub Riemanian geometry based on trident snake like mechanisms
Cristian Ida, Holomorphic last multipliers on complex manifolds
Giorgi Khimshiashvili, Geometry of equilibrium configurations of point charges on planar curves
Ivan Kolář, Covariant approach to Weil bundles
Jan Kurek, The modified vertical Weil functors 2-fibred manifolds
Miroslav Kureš, On the orientability of Weil contact elements and bundles
Rafael Mrdjen, Singular BGG resolutions over symplectic Grassmannian
Aleš Návrat, An analogue of Paneitz operator for almost Grassmannian geometries with a torsion
Marcella Palese, Algebraic structures generating reaction-diffusion models:
the activator-substrate system
Liviu Popescu, Symmetries of second order differential equations on Lie
Xavier Rivas, A constraint algorithm for k-precosymplectic field theories and some applications
Tomáš Salač, Elliptic complex on the Grassmannian of oriented 2-planes in 2+n
Hiroyasu Satoh, Information geometry of divergences and means on the space of all probability measures having positive density function
Asaf Shachar, On strain measures and the geodesic distance to SOn in the general linear group
Aleksandr Shelekhov, The Geometry of some special Bol three-webs
Eivind Schneider, Differential invariants of self-dual conformal structures
Dana Smetanová, TBA
Reinier Storm, A new construction of naturally reductive spaces
Volodymyr Sushch, On geometric discretization of the Dirac-Kähler equation
Jiří Tomáš, Bundles of (p,s,A)-covelocities, (p,s,A)-jets and some kind of product preserving bundle functors
Gamaliel Torres, Dynamics of a particle constrained on a surface with
auxiliary variables
Petr Vašík, On local control of snake–like mechanisms
Stefan Vasilev, Metric connections with totally skew-symmetric torsion
acting on differential forms
Raquel Villacampa, Balanced Hermitian geometry on compact quotients of
Lie groups
Andreas Vollmer, Higher-rank Killing tensors in Weyl space-times and similar geometries
Travis Willse, Almost Einstein (2,3,5) conformal structures
Petr Zima, Killing spinor-valued forms

Section G
Progress in Surface Geometry
Tuesday 14:50–18:10 Room: L1
  • Lynn Heller (14:50–15:30)
    Constrained Willmore minimizers
  • Josef Dorfmeister (16:00–16:40)
    The loop group method, a unifying scheme, and new examples
  • Masashi Yasumoto (16:45–17:25)
    Construction of discrete constant mean curvature surfaces in Riemannian spaceforms and its applications
  • Dorel Fetcu (17:30–18:10)
    On biconservative surfaces
Section B
Geometric Structures and Representation Theory
Tuesday 15:00–18:00 Room: L2
  • Wolfgang Globke (15:00–15:20)
    Compact pseudo-Riemannian solvmanifolds
  • Arman Taghavi-Chabert (15:40–16:00)
    Conformal Patterson-Walker lifts of projective structures
  • Josef Šilhan (16:10–16:30)
    A projective-to-conformal Fefferman-type construction
  • Shin Young Kim (16:40–17:00)
    Geometric structures modelled on smooth projective horospherical varieties of Picard number one
  • Kotaro Kawai (17:10–17:30)
    Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket and geometry of G2-and Spin(7)-manifolds
  • Henrik Winther (17:40–18:00)
    Submaximally Symmetric Quaternionic Structures
Section C
Geometry and Physics
Tuesday 15:00–18:10 Room: L3
  • Giovanni Falcone (15:00–15:30)
    Compact derivations of the real forms of a complex Lie algebra of type {n,2}
[ recording failed ]
  • Tom Mestdag (15:50–16:20)
    Reduction and un-reduction of second-order ordinary differential equations
  • Thi Kim Thoan Do (16:20–16:40)
    New solutions of the inverse problem of the calculus of variations
  • Enrico Pagani (16:45–17:25)
    Differential geometric aspects of constrained calculus of variations: first and second variation.
  • Xavier Gràcia (17:30–18:10)
    Some structural aspects of Hamilton-Jacobi theory

Plenary section
Invited talks
Wednesday 9:00–12:30 Room: L1
  • Boris Doubrov (9:00–9:50)
    Complexification of integrable CR geometries
  • Carlos Enrique Olmos (10:30–11:20)
    Submanifolds and Holonomy
  • Maciej Dunajski (11:30–12:20)
    Gauge theory on projective surfaces and anti-self-dual Einstein metrics
Free afternoonexcursions
Section A
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Thursday 9:00–12:30 Room: L1
  • Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos, Yu Wang (9:00–9:30)
    Homogeneous geodesics in a class of homogeneous spaces
  • Marina Statha (9:30–10:00)
    Non-naturally reductive Einstein metrics on compact simple Lie groups
  • Jürgen Berndt (10:30–11:10)
    The index of symmetric spaces
  • Evangelia Samiou (11:15–11:45)
    The X-ray transform on manifolds with many totally geodesic subspaces
  • Balázs Csikos (11:50–12:20)
    Harmonic manifolds and the volume of tubes about Curves
Section D
Finsler Geometry
Thursday 9:00–12:30 Room: L2
  • Benling Li (9:00–9:30)
    Finsler metrics with special flag curvature
  • Nasrin Sadegh Zadeh Nokhod Beriz (9:30–10:00)
    Some properties of Spherically Symmetric Finsler metrics
  • Bin Chen (10:30–11:10)
    Modified Scalar curvature in Finsler geometry
  • Bingye Wu (11:15–11:45)
    Finsler Submanifolds:From Viewpoint Of Chern Connection
  • Bernadett Aradi (11:50–12:20)
    Strong compatibility of Finsler functions and absolute parallelisms
Sections E and C
Nonlinear PDE; Geometry and Physics
Thursday 9:00–12:30 Room: L3
  • Alexandre M. Vinogradov (9:00–9:50)
    Observability, Hamiltonian formalism and energy
  • Alfonso Giuseppe Tortorella (10:30–11:00)
    Rigidity of integral coisotropic submanifolds of contact manifolds
  • David Saunders (11:05–11:45)
    Vertical symmetries of Cartan geometries
  • Zoltan Muzsnay (11:50–12:30)
    Euler-Lagrange functions and metrizability freedom of SODEs
Poster Session
Sections A, D, E, G
Thursday 14:00–15:00 Room: Poster

Inas Amacha, Problem of prescribed scalar curvature
Ergin Bayram, Surface family with a common involute asymptotic curve
Lakehal Belarbi, On translation surfaces weith zero Gaussian curvature in Sol3
Mohamed Belkhelfa, Symmetry properties of complex contact space form
Mathias Fischer, Symplectic Lie groups with biinvariant metric
Ali Haji-Badali, On the certain homogeneous paracontact 3-manifolds
Cristina Hretcanu, On the geometry of warped product submanifolds in a metallic Riemannian product manifold
David Csaba Kertesz, Affine and Killing vector fields of Berwald manifolds
Gyu Jong Kim, Real hypersurfaces in complex hyperbolic Grassmannians
of rank 2 with GTW Reeb Lie derivative structure Jacobi operator
Chang-Wan Kim, Entropy of nonpositively curved Finsler manifolds
Sebastian Klein, A spectral theory for certain constant mean curvature surfaces in the 3-dimensional space forms
Pavel Klepikov, Left-invariant pseudo Riemannian metrics on 4-dimensional Lie groups with zero divergence Weyl tensor
Piotr Kopacz, Application of Finslerian solutions to generalized Zermelo navigation problem to refine search models in the presence of perturbation
Rakesh Kumar, Semi-Invariant lightlike submanifolds of indefinite Kaehler manifolds with quarter symmetric non-metric connection
Deepika Kumari, On biconservative Lorentz hypersurfaces with non diagonal shape operator
Verónica López, Marginally trapped submanifolds in generalized Robertson-Walker spacetimes
Veronica Martin-Molina, Some remarkable paracontact metric manifolds
Francisco Milan, Improper affine spheres and the Hessian one equation
Rakesh Kumar Nagaich, On holomorphic sectional curvature of GCR-lightlike submanifolds of indefinite sasakian manifolds
Simona Nistor, Global properties of biconservative surfaces
Rachna Rani, Characterizations of holomorphic sectional curvature of GCR-lightlike submanifolds of indefinite nearly Kaehler manifolds
Eugene Rodionov, Left-invariant pseudo Riemannian metrics on 4-dimensional Lie groups with zero divergence Weyl tensor
Bayram Sahin, Hemi-slant Riemannian maps
Lara Saliba, Liouville type theorems for extrinsic biharmonic maps
Alexey Samokhin, Periodic boundary conditions for KdV-Burgers equation on a finite interval
Nikolaos Panagiotis Souris, Geodesic orbit and two-step geodesic orbit
homogeneous spaces
Yasemin Soylu, A Myers type compactness theorem by the use of Bakry-Emery Ricci tensor
Kamel Tahri, Fourth order elliptic equation with singularity
Abhitosh Upadhyay, Complete classification of biconservative hypersurfaces with diagonalizable shape operators in pseudo-Euclidean spaces
Changhwa Woo, Real hypersurfaces in complex two-plane Grassmannians with Lie derivative Ricci tensors
Amirhesam Zaeim, On symmetries of homogeneous three-dimesional Walker

Section A
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Thursday 15:00-18:00 Room: L1
  • Anton Galaev (15:00-15:30)
    Higher order Lorentzian symmetric spaces
  • Reza Mirzaei (16:00–16:30)
    On Riemannian G-manifolds of nonpositive curvature
  • Hassan Jolany (16:40–17:10)
    Fiberwise singular Kahler Einstein metric is semi-positive
Section B
Geometric Structures and Representation Theory
Thursday 15:00–18:00 Room: L2
  • Miroslav Doupovec (15:00–15:30)
    Vertical functors on all fibered manifolds
  • Aleksandra Borówka (16:00–16:30)
    A Swann bundle approach to a generalized Feix–Kaledin construction
  • Matthias Hammerl (16:40–17:10)
    Holography of BGG-Solutions
  • Igor Zelenko (17:20–18:00)
    Tanaka prolongation of structures of nonconstant type with application to sub-Riemannian geometry
Section E
Nonlinear PDE
Thursday 15:00–18:00 Room: L3
  • Ekkehart Winterroth (15:00–15:30)
    Obstructions to global critical sections (with an application to Chern-Simons theories)
  • Michal Marvan (15:50–16:30)
    A summary of results on the constant astigmatism equation
  • Nina Khor’kova(16:40–17:20)
    On some constructions in the nonlocal theory of partial differential equations
  • Ekaterina Shemyakova (17:30–18:00)
    Darboux transformations of differential operators on the superline
Plenary section
Invited plenary talks
Friday 9:00–12:30 Room: L1
  • Ulrich Pinkall (9:00–9:50)
    Schrödinger Smoke
  • Iosif Krasil’shchik (10:30–11:20)
    Nonlocal geometry of PDEs and integrability
  • Theodore Voronov (11:30–12:20)
    Classical and quantum microformal geometry, and homotopy algebras
Section A
Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis
Friday 14:00–18:00 Room: L1
  • María Angustias Cañadas-Pinedo (14:00–14:30)
    Geometric properties of Cahen-Wallach manifolds
  • Irene Ortiz Sánchez (14:30–15:00)
    Eigenvalue estimates for the Jacobi operator of compact CMC surfaces in Warped Products
  • Cornelia-Livia Bejan (15:00–15:30)
    Geometric structures which are harmonic with respect to natural Riemann extension
  • Ilka Agricola (16:00–16:40)
    Spinorial description of SU(3)- and G2-manifolds
  • Alfonso Carriazo (16:50–17:20)
    Semi-Riemannian generalized Sasakian-space-forms
Section B
Geometric Structures and Representation Theory
Friday 14:00–17:50 Room: L2
  • Maria Karmanova (14:00–14:30)
    Maximal surfaces on sub-Lorentzian structures
  • Katharina Neusser (14:35–15:05)
    C-projective structures of degree of mobility at least 2
  • Konrad Schöbel (15:10–15:40)
    An algebraic geometric classification of superintegrable systems in the Euclidean plane
  • Dennis The (16:00-16:30)
    Exceptionally simple PDE
  • Lenka Zalabova (16:40-17:10)
    Symmetric and locally symmetric parabolic geometries
Section C
Geometry and Physics
Friday 14:00–18:00 Room: L3
  • Claudiu Remsing (14:00–14:30)
    A few remarks on control systems on the Engel group
  • Dennis Barrett (14:30–14:50)
    Invariant Nonholonomic Riemannian Structures on Three-Dimensional Lie Groups
  • Rory Biggs (14:55–15:25)
    Isometries of Riemannian and sub-Riemannian structures on 3D Lie groups
  • Hong Van Le (15:50–16:10)
    Floer-Novikov homology and sympletic fixed points
  • Zoran Škoda (16:15–16:45)
    Correcting coexponential map for Lie algebroids
  • Yaroslav Bazaikin (16:50–17:20)
    Geometry and Sintering
  • Adam Chudecki (17:25–17:55)
    Congruences of null strings in pseudo-Riemannian geometries

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