The tradition of the international conference Differential Geometry and its Applications goes back more than 35 years and the forthcoming meeting will be the 13th one in the series.

The conferences take place regularly at one of the Czech universities every three years. The previous two meetings were also in Brno, preceded by Olomouc in 2007, Prague in 2004, Opava in 2001, Brno in 1998 and 1995, etc.

This time we shall combine the invited plenary talks with five programme sections and two special workshops. Along with the invited talks, there will be also contributions by the participants in the form of contributed talks or posters, as decided by the organisers of the individual sections or workshops. There will be never more than three sessions running in parallel. We hope, this will create a fine meeting for wide audience combining specialized talks with those of broader interest.

This series of conferences was always related to the journal carrying the same name and many of the distinguished Editors will come. Elsevier will also publish a special volume of the journal Differential Geometry and its Applications related to the topics of the conference DGA2016. All articles will undergo regular peer review procedure following the same high standards as for contributions to regular issues of the journal. The status of the contribution in the conference does not influence the reviewing procedure. All participants will obtain a printed copy of this special volume.

The organisers have secured funding for all overheads of the conference, so we believe our package (fee) is reasonable and we have got further funds for limited amount of PhD and postdoc allowances.

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DGA2016 News
The poster sessions:
The poster panels will allow the standard A1 format, which means 594 × 841 mm. Please be prepared to provide your poster not bigger than this to the conference office, preferably on Monday but not later than by Tuesday morning.
The posters in sections B and C will belong to the Tuesday poster session, while those in sections A, D, E, and G will appear on Thursday.

The list of participants and their contributions (as of June 18).

The full programme booklet.

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Upcoming Deadlines
July 10, 2016, 6pm
The DGA2016 Welcome Party
July 11, 2016, 9am
The DGA2016 opening and the first plenary talk